• Microsoft Word 2016

    Create & Manage Documents / Format Text, Paragraphs & Sections / Create Tables & Lists / Create & Manage References …

  • Microsoft Access 2016

    Create and Manage a Database / Build Tables / Create Queries / Create Forms / Create Reports

  • Microsoft Excel 2016

    Create & Manage Worksheets & Workbooks / Manage Data Cells & Ranges / Create Tables / Perform Operations with Formulas …

About Partners

Genesis CITI, Certiport and Masterskill have always been committed to providing exceptional learning and testing experiences for our teachers and learners, and we remain committed to our customers even amidst the challenges that many schools and businesses are facing as a result of COVID-19.

The 3 entities has also partnered under the banner of “4IR Skills for Education”, in changing the narrative of South Africa Education in offering global vendor recognized certification to High School Students.

Visit 4IR Skills Website for more info on this partnership!

With the objective of COVID – 19 pendemic, we are offering Microsoft Application Content (using the Jasperactive Platform) that is equivalent to Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2016 / Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 / Microsoft Office Specialist Access 2016 Certifications. After the training and assessment, students are capable to undertake the Microsoft Office Specialist Productivity Exams at any Certiport (A Pearson Vue Business) Exam Testing Centre. Genesis CITI will support students across South Africa to undertake these exams.

Past Project Success

The 4IR Skills for Education project focuses on “Integrating Global Vendor Recognized Certification into the Further Education & Training (FET) curriculum”. Providing High School students with additional / multiple certification during the Further Education & Training Phase, addresses the educational crisis that South Africa is facing. The 4IR Sills project successfully prepared 200 students for the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate in 2019, and the workforce focused for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The value of recognized industry certification has allowed citizens worldwide to thrive and accelerate in academics, career opportunities and in-demand workforce skills. See Graduation of 2019.

Learning Pathway for Competency

BENCHMARK – The Benchmark Test determines your skill level and builds a prescribed course plan using only the lessons you need.
LEARN – CCI Learning’s award-winning courseware is embedded throughout Jasperactive. Each prescribed lesson begins with a skill testing quiz to determine and deliver only those lesson topics you need to learn. Hands-on learning exercises operates live, directly within the actual desktop application!
PRACTICE – Repeat the practice exercises multiple times to perfect your skills.
CREATE – A project-based exercise to combine your skills and creativity.
VALIDATE – Once your lessons are complete, validate what you have learned.

Jasperactive instantly measures a student understanding of Microsoft Office desktop applications and prescribes a personalized learning and assessment to each student. The system accommodates the learning needs based on skills performance.

How to download / install / login into Jasperactive?

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