BENCHMARK – The Benchmark Test determines your skill level and builds a prescribed course plan using only the lessons you need.
LEARN – CCI Learning’s award-winning courseware is embedded throughout Jasperactive. Each prescribed lesson begins with a skill testing quiz to determine and deliver only those lesson topics you need to learn. Hands-on learning exercises operates live, directly within the actual desktop application!
PRACTICE – Repeat the practice exercises multiple times to perfect your skills.
CREATE – A project-based exercise to combine your skills and creativity.
VALIDATE – Once your lessons are complete, validate what you have learned.

Jasperactive instantly measures a student understanding of Microsoft Office desktop applications and prescribes a personalized learning and assessment to each student. The system accommodates the learning needs based on skills performance.

How to download / install / login into Jasperactive?

Video: Jasperactive Demo

Video: Master Microsoft Office with Jasperactive

Video: Using the Jasperactive Installer