Founded on CCI Learning’s world-leading courseware, Jasperactive is the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard.

What is the Kinesthetic Difference?

We are focused on ‘doing’
We offer a hands-on approach based on a physical activity

Jasperactive focuses on the critical thinking and application of learning, ensuring learners spend more time using Microsoft Office rather than understanding how to use it in theory. Many people question whether or not they really require Microsoft Office skills. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Microsoft Office is one of the top 3 skills required for jobs today, in fact, 85% of supervisors say Microsoft Office certified employees are more productive. Jasperactive provides a hands-on and engaging experience when it comes to Microsoft Office learning. It embraces what you know so that you can focus on learning what you don’t.